Organizations in the 21st Century:
Knowledge and Learning—the Basis for Growth

Nov. 16-17, 2001 at the Social Science Research Center (WZB), Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin

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"Organizations in the 21st Century: Knowledge and Learning—the Basis for Growth" was held Nov. 16-17, 2001 at the Social Science Research Center (WZB) in Berlin, sponsored by the Gottlieb Daimler- and Karl Benz-Foundation.


Friday, November 16, 2001



Opening Remarks

Prof. Gisbert Freiherr zu Putlitz, Chairman of the Board of the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation, Ladenburg



Diverse Networks as Drivers of our Learning on Organizational Learning and Knowledge

Prof. Meinolf Dierkes, Director, Research Unit Organization and Technology, Social Science Research Center Berlin



Social Sciences as Learning Systems

Prof. Neil Smelser, Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, USA



Drawing on the Past and the Future for Learning

Prof. Jeffrey Fear, Harvard Business School

Graham Galer, Associate with the Global Business Network, UK

Chair: Prof. Jürgen Kocka, President, Social Science Research Center Berlin


Fads and the Rediscovery of Good Old Ideas

Prof. Alfred Kieser, University of Mannheim

Prof. Keith MacMillan, Henley Management College, UK

Chair: Prof. Santiago García Echevarría, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain


The Rationality and Emotionality of Learning

Prof. Risto Tainio, Helsinki School of Economics

Prof. Klaus Scherer, University of Geneva

Chair: Dr. Peter Frey, former Member of the Board, Swiss Re, Germany


Creating Environments for Learning: Architecture and Design

Prof. Sheldon Rothblatt, Center for the Study of Higher Education, University of California at Berkeley

Michael Wilford, Architect, UK

Chair: Arina Kowner, Vice President, Swiss Red Cross


Organizational Learning and Transformation: The Role of Visions

Jürgen Dormann, Chairman of the Board, Aventis SA, France



A Tribute to Meinolf Dierkes

Prof. Ariane Berthoin Antal, Social Science Research Center Berlin and Henley Management College


Saturday, November 17, 2001



Learning in the Private Sector

Prof. Zhang Xinhua, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, PR China

Prof. John Stopford, London Business School

Chair: Thomas Sattelberger, Executive Vice President Products and Services, Lufthansa AG, Germany


Learning in the Public Sector

Kickoff inputs for discussion:

Bernard Lord Donoughue of Ashton, House of Lords,  UK

Wolfgang Nowak, Director General, Department of Political Analysis and Planning, Federal Chancellery, Germany

Chair: Prof. Peter Pawlowsky, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany


Learning in Academic Organizations

Prof. Gert Asmuss, Tuck School of Management, USA, and Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Prof. Björn Wittrock, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences

Chair: Konrad Schily, Deputy Chairman of the Board, University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany


The Politics of Learning and Learning in Politics

Prof. Joseph LaPalombara, Arnold Wolfers Professor of Political Science and Management, Yale University, USA



Technological Controversies as Opportunities for and Limits to Learning

Prof. Todd LaPorte, University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Jürgen Kädtler, Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen, Germany

Chair: Prof. Josef Bugl, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Academy for Technology Assessment Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Power and Learning

Prof. Victor Friedman, Ruppin Institute, Israel

Dr. Camilla Krebsbach-Gnath, Partner K-G&D Management Consultancy, Germany

Chair: Prof. Silvia Gherardi, University of Trento, Italy


How to Learn from the Environment about the Environment

Prof. Peter Knoepfel, Director, IDHEAP, Lausanne, Switzerland

Prof. Edwin M. Epstein, Professor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley

Chair: Prof. Wolfgang Michalski, Director, Advisory Unit to the Secretary-General, OECD, Paris, France


"The Return of the Flood"– Learn to Walk by Walking

Robert Wilson, Theatre director, poet and artist, Watermill Center, Long Island, USA



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